NISA is a competitive, dedicated group of individuals from northeastern Illinois and southern Wisconsin with good character who enjoy interactive practical pistol shooting. We a member club of the United States Practical Shooting Association.

We shoot at Schultz Gun Club in Muskego, Wisconsin (Google Map)

Shooting events are held once a month, from March thru October, subject to weather. These events consist of at least six individual stages of fire that can range from single, multiple or “field course” positions with a round count of up to 32 rounds per stage.  NISA owns a vast array of target types, including the Texas star, drop turners, swingers, plates, poppers etc. so there is always something new.  Each month brings six new course designs, plus a classifier, which means new challenges to test the skills of shooters of every level, and of course, an endless amount of fun.

Typical round count for a match is around 175, but we suggest bringing at least 250 rounds of ammunition (it won’t spoil if you don’t use it!)

Range fees are $20 for NISA or Schultz members, $25 for non-members and $15 for Juniors.  Non-members are always welcome to compete, but we suggest becoming a USPSA member if you participate in the sport long term.

Membership fees for NISA are $40 for new members and $30 for renewals. Your NISA membership includes a $5 discount at all monthly NISA and Schultz USPSA matches.